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Connecting the dots on the path to success

The business world is made of connections – Entrepreneurs connect to one another to work together, companies connect to other companies to buy and sell, investors connect to start-ups to provide funding and hopefully see ROI.

Who you know is as important as what you know.

At B-Summit, we use what we know to provide you with the best financial management services, and we use who we know to provide you with the best opportunities to grow your business. We call this "Value-Driven Services for Growth", and we're looking forward to connect and grow with you.
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Start-up Companies

From early-stage ventures developing their future product, to revenue-generating companies on a growth trajectory – We help start-ups in every step of their journey to the top.
We provide value by:

Established Companies

You've come a long way, but you're not slowing down – if international expansion, M&As, public markets and becoming a global brand are on your roadmap - We find the best route for you to reach your goal.
We provide value by:

Multinational Companies

You're interested in exploring how operating in Israel can benefit your company – We save you time, money, and effort as we assist you in setting up and running your local Israeli operations.
We provide value by:

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